Our aquaria and water features are as unique and individual as the client wants to make them. Size, shape, open, closed, multiple displays, materials, fish, no fish - all are up for discussion. Bases can be clad in granite, marble, stainless steel, galvanised steel, ceramic tiles, mirrors, fabric or simply painted - in fact we can accommodate any finish the client needs to co-ordinate their feature with its intended environment.  

Remote controlled LED RGB lighting hidden under the base and internal uplighters can be set to co-ordinate with any existing lighting scheme or decor.


We can also design and fabricate internal features to create attention-grabbing displays themed to the clients preferences and/or incorporating samples of their product or service related items. Call and see what we can dream up for you. Please look at our 'Branding' page for more details.

Unique bespoke aquaria & water features for corporate buildings, the hospitality industry, retail, marketing, exhibitions, events, interior/garden designers & private clientele.